Self-Improvement Month | Braces and Self Esteem

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September is Self-Improvement Month, so we will be exploring the role braces and smile improvement has on self-esteem. Many people associate a set of braces with bullying. It might be true that wearing these dental appliances in school can spark up name-calling, but it is important to consider the benefits that come with wearing braces. We take a look at how your self-esteem is affected by braces and why you should consider the pros over the possibility of being bullied and called an “Angry Beaver.”

Braces are your solution to improved self-esteem

Braces can be recommended for both young and old. As one publication explains, as an adult, wearing braces is a sign of strength – it shows that you do not accept life as it is, but rather look for ways to allow improvement to occur.

When it comes to feeling self-conscious about a pair of braces, it is important to think about how the misaligned teeth – which will be treated with the use of braces – affect your self-esteem. Having “crooked” teeth often causes people to fear smiling while socializing; wearing a set of braces in the course of a few months can resolve these issues.Once the braces come off, teeth are aligned, and any form of misalignment is resolved. In turn, you gain a significant boost in your self-esteem.


Braces might be a magnet for bullies in school, but those who endure through the process come out with a perfect smile. The use of braces, as part of an orthodontic treatment plan, improves teeth alignment, and ultimately adds to a person’s overall self-esteem and their confidence to talk, laugh, and smile in public situations. Book a free consultation today.

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