Children’s Sedation

Our goal at Little Bee’s Pediatric Dentistry is to provide every child with a pleasant experience, no matter their reason for visiting. Whether your child is in need of a check-up or extensive treatment, dental anxiety and fears can set in. We offer sedation to make your little bees feel comfortable and confident in our office so they can “bee” themselves! Sedation has also shown to be beneficial for children with special needs who require assistance in receiving dental treatment. If you are interested in children’s sedation in Lebanon, PA, call our team today! Sedation can help your child remain calm and allow your child’s dentist to accomplish a lot in just one visit.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is one of the most common forms of sedation. This is also one of the mildest types of sedation, and it may help your child in undergoing a difficult dental procedure. The nitrous oxide is delivered by a mask worn over the nose. The sedative should start working within minutes, allowing your child to relax while remaining awake and attentive. The mask will be removed at the end of the visit, and the sedation will wear off quickly, enabling your child to resume their normal behavior. Whether your child has dental anxieties, special needs, or is in need of treatment, nitrous oxide can help them relax and enjoy their dentist visit.

IV Sedation 

IV sedation is typically recommended during a lengthy visit or extensive treatment. This type of sedation is administered by our special IV team. These team members are trained to safely administer IV sedation and monitor your child throughout their entire visit. IV sedation allows your child’s dentist to properly care for their smile while they are completely relaxed. If you are unsure which type of sedation is right for your child, our dental team can discuss your options and recommend the best sedation for their upcoming visit.

Honest, Reliable Pediatric Dentistry

At Little Bee’s Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Balaci and our entire team truly care about each child who visits our office. From the moment your child walks through the door, Dr. Balaci will treat your child like her very own. When it comes to recommended care, our team will be completely honest with you and discuss the best options for your child’s smile. We want your child to receive dental care that will benefit them the most and we will help you find a plan that works best for you. With the help of sedation dentistry, our team can help your child receive the care they need for their smiles, without dreading their trip to the dentist. With honest pediatric dentistry, you can count on our team to give you the best advice for your child’s smile each and every time!

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