Emergency Dentistry

Emergency dental situations can happen anywhere and at any time. That’s why it’s so important to be prepared and know how to care for your little bee when they experience a dental emergency. You can trust that our office is well equipped to handle emergencies, and will provide the gentle care and comfort your child requires at this time. Until you can get your child to our office, we want them to be safe and get the best care possible to protect their teeth or gums from additional injuries. If your child is experiencing a dental emergency in or around Lebanon, PA, our team is ready to help!


If your child is experiencing a toothache, instruct them to clean the area surrounding the affected tooth carefully. Provide them with warm, salted water to swish in their mouth to remove any stuck food particles from between their teeth. If the pain persists through the next 24 hours, bring your child to our office.

Chipped Tooth

In order to alleviate pain and swelling, your child will need to swish their mouth with warm saltwater and an ice pack may be used on their cheek to relieve swelling. Try to locate the broken piece of the tooth if possible. Bring your child to the office as soon as possible, along with the tooth fragments.

Lost Tooth

Attempt to locate the tooth and pick it up by the crown (top) only. Do not touch the root of the tooth. Rinse the tooth but do not attempt to use any other products to clean it. Try and place the tooth back into the jaw and instruct your child to bite down on gauze to hold it in place. If this is not possible, transport the tooth in a cup of milk. Get your child to a dentist as soon as possible!

Experiencing a dental emergency?

If your child is suffering from one of the above circumstances and you believe they may need emergency services, please contact our office in Lebanon, PA to schedule an appointment. We will thoroughly assess the situation and determine how to save the tooth and restore your child’s smile function and appearance. We will keep your child’s comfort a top priority during this time and make the experience as calm as possible. Call our office now and we will provide the best treatment or recommendations to get your little bee back to buzzing in no time!

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