Restorative Care

When your child has a cavity or other dental problem, our team can restore both the function and appearance of your child’s smile through restorative dentistry. We offer gentle care with everything we do, ensuring that your little bee won’t even feel a sting! If restorative care is needed, our team can discuss the best options for helping your child maintain a healthy smile. We want you to be involved in the decision-making and feel comfortable about your child’s dental care. If your child is in need of restorative care, call our team today to schedule their dental visit!


When a small cavity develops, it is important to treat the tooth before the cavity worsens and spreads further into the tooth. A filling is when the decay is removed and replaced with a tooth-colored resin material that will blend naturally with your child’s smile. Once placed, a filling protects and preserves your child’s tooth until it is ready to fall out.


Baby teeth are treated with prefabricated crowns when the cavity is deeper or on multiple surfaces of the tooth. Once the cavity is removed, the tooth is trimmed and the crown or “cap” is fitted to the tooth. These crowns are made of stainless steel or zirconia and protect the entire tooth from future decay. The crowns are cemented on and will allow your child to maintain and preserve the baby tooth until it is ready to naturally fall out when your child is older.


We always want to save baby teeth! Sometimes when a cavity has severely damaged the tooth or has caused pain or infection, the baby tooth needs to be extracted or “wiggled out.” If an extraction is needed, we offer children’s sedation and other ways to help make the procedure pain-free and comfortable for your child.

Nerve Treatments

If a deep cavity reaches the nerve or “pulp” of the baby tooth, various nerve treatments such as a pulp cap or pulpotomy may be necessary to save the tooth. The nerve is treated with a healing medicine and then the tooth is protected with a filling or a crown.

Your Local Pediatric Dentist

At Little Bee’s Pediatric Dentistry in Lebanon, PA, we care about kids! Dr. Balaci and our entire team are passionate about helping children have pleasant dental experiences and maintain healthy smiles. As the only pediatric dentist in our area, we take our job seriously. We want each and every child to receive quality dental care that parents can appreciate. When it comes to restorative dentistry, our team offers dental care that is catered to your child’s needs. Whether your child needs a filling or extraction, we will help them feel at ease and keep you informed throughout the entire process.

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