Five Reasons to Avoid Mail-order Aligners

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Mail-order aligners have become a major trend lately. People see them as a cheaper and easy way to get “better looking teeth”, compromising the value that comes with getting orthodontic treatment, i.e healthy, perfectly straight teeth. That being said, these aligners can be dangerous, and you need to avoid them. Below, you can see some of the most important reasons to steer clear from mail-order aligners.

1. No professional opinion

Most people order aligners online to avoid visiting their orthodontist, but that’s exactly the greatest danger of these products. In this case, there is no professional opinion which can negatively affect the whole process. Your dentist is the one who navigates the treatment so that the patient can get the desired result. Avoiding professional input can be dangerous in the long run.

2. They might not work

Mail-order aligners go by the “one size fits all” rule, which is not the most practical idea in the world. Every person is different, meaning their teeth, gums, jaw, dental problems, and other factors differ as well. For that reason, aligners purchased online may not work.

3. Higher risk of new problems developing

Aligners you get in the mail usually do not fit properly. As a result, a person doesn’t get straight teeth. Instead, the risk of further damage to teeth and gums increases. In other words, by trying to fix one problem, you may create new ones.

4. Questionable quality of aligners

Orthodontics you get from the orthodontist is safe and effective. On the other hand, mail-order aligners come with questionable quality. Most manufacturers are based online-only, and it’s difficult to determine whether they are reliable or not.

5. Lack of proper professional care

For the best results, you need a customized treatment plan that also involves taking care of underlying dental problems, x-rays, regular checkups, and much more. When you order aligners online, you don’t get any of that, meaning other oral health problems remain unmanaged.

Mail-order aligners may be popular but are potentially dangerous and should be avoided. They are no match to orthodontics you can get from a professional.

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