Braces in School: A Quick Guide for Parents

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Summer is almost over, and the back-to-school rush is exciting to kids and parents alike. Undoubtedly, many kids will be starting school with new hardware on their teeth. But heading back to school with braces may be quite stressful for your child owing to the changes in daily routine and appearance. To make the transition smoother and stress-free for your child, here are tips that you can leverage as a parent.

1. Pack A Brace Care Kit For Your Kid

For optimum brace care, you will need to pack a comprehensive kit for your kid. Ensure that you include essential items like fluoride-based toothpaste for strengthening the enamel and preventing tooth decay, a toothbrush with soft bristles, and dental floss for removing food particles trapped in braces.

Moreover, irritation is a common issue associated with braces, and an application of a little amount of dental wax can help relieve the problem. Lastly, lip balm will be of great help when lips dry and become irritated due to braces.

2. Keep lunch and snacks brace-friendly

Chewy, sticky, and hard foods can damage the brackets and wires. This may be hard to manage, especially if your kid buys his or her lunch and snacks at school. Nonetheless, you may consider packing lunch if you find that the school menu is unfavorable for kid’s hardware. A quick tip is to pack bite-sized food pieces in addition to snacks such as yogurt to keep your child healthy and satisfied.

3. Hydration Is Essential, But With Caution

Hydration is crucial to a child’s health. Besides, taking water helps to prevent the accumulation of particles on the braces. So, send your kid to school with a bottle of water. Most importantly, encourage your kid to avoid sugary and carbonated drinks since they can stain the braces. If temptations prove to be much stronger, encourage your child always to use a straw to keep the sugars away from their teeth.

4. Invest In A Mirror And Mouth Guard

There is a high chance of braces getting damaged if your kid participates in physical activities such as sports. Damaged braces may injure your little one’s mouth, cheeks, and gums. So, acquire a fitting mouthguard for your kid. A mirror is also essential for your kid to check for food particles on his or her teeth after taking a meal or snacks.

Going back to school with braces may prove to be quite tricky for your child, considering that they will be required to get used to a new diet and routine. However, the transition doesn’t have to be difficult when you implement the guidelines outlined above. 

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